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Monday, August 29, 2005

more Easton Ellis

The fake bio web site for Ellis' fictional wife in LUNAR PARK... I see three possible explanations: 1) the photocomposite for "Jayne" is so poorly done that it's a disgrace to Knopf. 2) Ellis is attracted to the "lollipop" look but doesn't want us to think he--or "Ellis"--is shallow so "Jayne" doesn't look exactly like every lollipop strolling up La Brea in that she's not blonde. 3) He and/or the publicity interns at Knopf are making fun of Hollywood's preference for the lollipop look. Either way, that fake web site ain't pretty.

The weird thing is that among "Dennis'" fake film credits is one for "Phlox" in the 1993 movie of THE MYSTERIES OF PITTSBURGH, co-starring Keanu Reeves. Ellis does say in the book that "Dennis" co-starred with Keanu at that time, but he doesn't mention a movie. I'm wondering why those publicity drones decided to plug MYSTERIES OF PITTSBURGH.


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