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Monday, August 22, 2005


Bush's approval rating today, according to the American Research Group, is 36%—Think Progress points out that Nixon was at 39% during that Watergate thing. Silly thing, that, but still tragic, as Peggy Noonan reminds us—if it weren't for that villainous careerist Mark Felt, Nixon and Kissinger could have brought home an honorable victory in Vietnam and we wouldn't have been subjected to the long, um, several-hours-in-duration national nightmares RAMBO and MISSING IN ACTION.

Back to the point: the wheels may well be coming off, or we're just in the August doldrums and it's hot and the AC doesn't work so great and the boy is sick and school's about to start and you might as well blame it on that lackwit in Crawford. Gallup has Bush's approval rating at 45% as of Aug. 8-11, but more telling seems to be that in that same poll only 37% stated that they were "satisfied" with the state of the country. 60%, on the other hand, weren't. Hey, dumbasses, where were you back in November?


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