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Thursday, August 11, 2005

pittsburgh ahead of the curve

Apparently the seer has been in our midst all along. Steve Lashuk, Pittsburgh-based crusader for all that is not, um, Sapphic, has it on good authority that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian. Apparently, "a prominent magazine the 'GLOBE'" broke the story. Damn.

If we had only listened to Lashuk.

"For years I have been warning the public about Hillary Clinton's penchant for lesbian proclivities; a precursor to her sadistic megalomaniac behaviors."

Were his warnings the precursor, or her penchant, or the proclivities? Whatever, we were blind and deaf, or focused on girls gone wild:

"When trying to dissertate the imposing lesbian threat to our culture, the most frustrating conundrum I face is persuading heterosexuals not to-do not focus one's attention and displeasure with their sex acts."

I keep telling myself that.


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