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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Reagan days are here again!

The Eighties never really die, do they? The Killers' new record does a great job of channeling the best (no, really!) of Big Country and Simple Minds. The Times' Thursday Styles section has a feature about the return of stovepipe pants and skinny ties. John Roberts is Ed Meese's epigone. And in Tuesday's press briefing, Rumsfeld compared Iraq today to El Salvador, 1982:

"In 1982, when El Salvadorans battled an insurgency in their country, a grandmother was -- reported that when she was told that she would be killed if she dared to vote, she replied, saying 'You can kill me, you can kill my children, you can kill my neighbors, but you can't kill us all.' That suggests the power of freedom's appeal in the struggle against tyranny."

Did someone say "El Salvador" and "kill me, kill my children, kill my neighbors"? Dude, deja vu! I can hear Al Haig now!

Rummy went on to compare those who are opposed to this war to—wait for it—you know it's coming—Commies!!!

"Throughout history there have always been those who predict America's failure just around every corner. At the height of World War II, a prominent U.S. diplomat predicted that democracy was finished in Britain and probably in America too. Many Western intellectuals praised Stalin during that period. For a time, Communism was very much in vogue. It was called Euro-Communism to try to mute or mask the totalitarian core. And thankfully, the American people are better centered."

—Hi, Secretary of Defense, please. Don, it's Condi. Look, I know that you had your hands in a lot of counterinsurgency projects back in the Cold War days, and that smearing your opponents by calling them Communists worked back in the day, but let's stay away from there when talking about Iraq. And about Salvador... there was that El Mozote massacre, there was the murder of three American nuns, there was the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero. Yeah, Don, pretty much everyone knows it was the government and the army down there. No, it's not just the dead-enders who rent Oliver Stone films. Sorry. And you might want to stay away from Angola comparisons, too. You're making Karen's job a lot harder, and POTUS really doesn't want her to go back to Austin again.—

Assassinations, terrorism, murder... come to think of it, maybe Rummy's right. That Iraqi insurgency sure looks a whole lot like the Salvadorian government. Wait...


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