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Monday, October 31, 2005

up or down

Funny how, now that they got rid of Harriet Miers, the Republicans have again pulled out that old "up or down vote" rhetoric they used back in May about the Federal court nominees. Nobody there was spoiling for an "up or down vote" once Harriet showed up! The Note makes some fearless predictions about this fight—he sees it culminating at State of the Union time. If they've grown a little more spine over the last few months (and I'm thinking they may have, now that Bush is so much weaker), I think this is a fight the Dems might be able to win. Viva Borking—let's make clear just what kind of a nation these people want, just how determined they are to rescind ordinary peoples' right to use the law to protect them from being abused by the wealthy and the powerful.


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