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Monday, October 17, 2005


They both appeared this weekend in Philadelphia, at the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce annual meeting. Santorum delivered a football metaphor for his work in Washington: "You didn't elect a senator from Pennsylvania to get out in Washington and sit on the sidelines. You wanted us to suit up with the pads on and take on the big issues that confront us not just in Washington but across the globe." Casey stuck to the economy.

Increasingly, this is looking like the big race in 2006, and Santorum is quickly deserting Bush's sinking ship, questioning him on Harriet Miers and even on Iraq (although on that last topic, Santorum appears to be seeking credit for questioning Bush without ever actually questioning him. It's a simulacrum of critical thinking!).

Santorum: according to the Philadelphia INQUIRER, "one of the finest minds of the 13th century."


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