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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Eric Schlosser's lecture (in the Drue Heinz Lectures series) Monday night wasn't brilliant but it was pretty damn good. He spoke on the plight of workers in America's meat-packing houses, repeating much of what he said in FAST FOOD NATION but adding a bunch of material comparing our time to Upton Sinclair's (the centennial of THE JUNGLE comes in February) and, frankly, taking the Reagan-Bush-Bush II administrations to task for being worse than the Republicans of the early part of the twentieth century. As part of our "learning community" (several freshman classes linked together) we took all of our frosh to the lecture--they read FAST FOOD NATION last week--but I was disappointed in their response. Sleeping. Text-messaging. Oy. Then today they told me he was just too "complainy." Well, maybe.


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