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Friday, September 02, 2005

vacation home

Some people wonder if Pres. Bush lacks an "empathy gene," an ability to understand others' feelings. That might be true; it's not for me to say. But no one can say that Bush can't see the real tragedy of a terrible situation, and nobody can deny his fundamental optimism. From his press conference today:

"The good news is -- and it's hard for some to see it now -- that out of this chaos is going to come a fantastic Gulf Coast, like it was before. Out of the rubbles of Trent Lott's house -- he's lost his entire house -- there's going to be a fantastic house. And I'm looking forward to sitting on the porch."

Trent Lott's house was destroyed? Oh the humanity!

But he's going to rebuild? This truly is a wonderful country. God Bless America.

Ten years ago, who would have thought that after a national tragedy we'd be nostalgic for the warm, inspiring leadership of Rudolph Giuliani?


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