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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

waiting, waiting...

for the baby to come. The official due date has come and gone.... In an effort to jumpstart something we reprised a ritual from last time (the the baby was 10 days late): spicy Indian food.

Then, it was Star of India on Craig in Oakland, which was average. A brisk jog down the entire Cathedral of Learning didn't bring labor on then, and neither did a fast drive down Regent Square's undulating brick streets.

This time we were equally unsuccessful, although the food was much better. Taste of India on Penn in Garfield/Friendship is great--the best Indian food in Pittsburgh. The more I go to that neighborhood the more I like it. Quiet Storm coffeehouse, Tram's Vietnamese restaurant, the Brillo Box, it's an up-and-coming place. (Kim's Coffee Shop, a strange Vietnamese restaurant near the Quiet Storm, closed earlier this year and just lost its owner.) In fact, several years ago the Feds agreed to an 80% matching grant to spruce up Penn Avenue. But it still hasn't happened, because the city won't pony up its share. Yeah, a lot "needs done" in this city--there's a lot of neighorhoods that "need redded up"--but people are actually getting things done in Garfield, even as the construction of the new Children's Hospital makes the neighborhood even less ped-friendly.


  • At 7:20 PM, Blogger anna said…

    It's such fun pre-baby time, I mean, what a reprieve from the schedule. Time you had allotted to being exhausted and overwhelmed you're now checking out every Indian restaurant in the neighborhood... congradulations by the way!


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