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Saturday, March 11, 2006

santuario de cristo, cubilete

santuario de cristo, cubilete
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The boy and I took a long, dusty, precarious bus trip to Cristo Rey, the second-largest statue of Christ in the world. It's at the top of a mountain near Guanajuato. As you can see, it's under restoration, but still pretty impressive. I was even more impressed, though, by the flyers posted around the monument--cartoons illustrating "What Protestants might say to you."

And even in Guanajuato you can't escape the Steelers--as we sat having breakfast this morning, an expat man, hearing we were from Pittsburgh, said, "what a Super Bowl! I hear Bettis is being hired by Fox!" He also got a "Go Steewahs!" out of the boy.


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