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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

14 characteristics of fascism

On a recent visit to the Warhol Museum, we saw an interesting exhibition of very large Warhol prints--five, six feet high. This, to me, is not so fascinating; I'm not a Warhol fan. But on the wall, clearly put there by a curator who was trying to draw some not-very-subtle parallels, was a placard listing the "Fourteen Characteristics of Fascism" as defined by British scholar Lawrence Britt. His article, which originally appeared in the magazine Free Inquiry (which is published by the Council for Secular Humanism), was amazing. I think it's been making its way around the web a lot recently, so many of you may have seen it--but it's worth taking a look at. Because of my scholarly interests, I'm pretty familiar with the ideology, imagery, and practices of Mussolini's Partito Fascista Italiano, who not only created modern fascism but coined the word, and Britt has got them pretty much nailed.


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