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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

woeful pirates

The wife had the great idea of taking advantage of the 5pm start for the first game of today's Pirates-Astros doubleheader (she has to work during afternoon games, which are too hot anyway, and the boy goes to sleep at gametime of night games). The boy and I picked her up and we had a time that I would classify as successful: the boy lasted 6 innings! He's never lasted that long, and he's less patient than he's ever been. Thank god for: Dippin' Dots, the playground at PNC Park, bagels, juice boxes, hot dogs, the fact that our section was essentially empty, bottles of water, books starring Elmo, iPods (he loves listening), sunglasses cases...

Oh, and the Pirates stunk it up again. Not as bad as last night's disgusting 11-1 debacle, but it was out of reach by the middle of the third. Now we're watching game 2 on the TV while we wait for Bush to announce just which medieval revivalist he's going to nominate to the Supreme Court.


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