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Friday, July 29, 2005

last day of summer school

Finally. Actually, it wasn't a bad summer term, especially considering it was a 6-person freshman comp class. They were a surprisingly good group. I'm showing them the WONDER BOYS film today and will probably have the chance to grade all of their final papers by the end of the day. Wrapping up loose ends before we leave for New York next week.

On the administrative front, I'm still trying to staff all of our sections for the fall, but I'm almost there. My fear that I just hire anyone who comes in the office was allayed yesterday when I had three interviews in a row with candidates whom I immediately informed I wouldn't be hiring. One graduated from college in May. And he wants to teach FYC to freshmen. Oy.

The boy's language skills are leaping along. He had his first four-word sentence yesterday. A bus fanatic, he was disappointed that we weren't seeing enough of them as we drove home from school. I pointed a truck out, hoping that would satisfy him (he'd excitedly seen a cement truck in action that morning on our block.) "No truck, more bus," he replied.


  • At 11:09 AM, Blogger zp said…

    Notes on anonymity aside (or maybe not), I was wondering:

    If I were interested in applying to teach first year composition in the Pittsburgh area, say, next fall, where would I find the jobs advertised? I don't know if I'm qualified, but if I applied through the proper channels, I guess I'd find out.

    I hope you can reply to this and remain anonymous - I won't try to 'look you up' anywhere if you have to disclose anything. You can reach me, anonymously, at

    Or you can ignore this if you find it professionally or otherwise inappropriate.

    Thanks though!


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