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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

immigrant lit

I've been frantically plowing through potential texts for my "immigrant experience in literature" class this week. I've decided upon a few: Thomas Bell's immigrants-in-the-Pittsburgh-steel-industry novel OUT OF THIS FURNACE, Dave Eggers' recent WHAT IS THE WHAT, about a Sudanese "lost boy" (who ended up at Allegheny College), Maxine Hong Kingston's classic THE WOMAN WARRIOR, notwithstanding its difficulty, and Monica Ali's BRICK LANE. I've rejected Gish Jen's TYPICAL AMERICAN and Junot Diaz's DROWN, as well as Edwidge Danticat's BREATH, EYES, MEMORY, and am undecided about Andre Dubus III's HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG. These are freshmen, I figure--how interested are they going to be in a story about competing claims for ownership of a house?


  • At 7:39 AM, Blogger blublink said…

    I guess expats don't really count as immigrants ... otherwise the list would be too long...


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