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Monday, July 02, 2007

the pirates protest

The media--the POST-GAZETTE, the TRIBUNE-REVIEW, and even Fox Sports Pittsburgh all deemed the June 30 fan walkout a failure. The announcers of the telecast (on which the walkout was not shown) were allowed, after all, to mention it, and did so only to dismiss it as "under 1000 fans," and both newspapers emphasized how the protest "fizzled." (It was a shame, I suppose, that the Pirates were up 6-1 at the time--I suspect that if they'd been down by that much the protest would have been much larger. Even though the protest wasn't as threatening as the Nuttings had feared (causing them to order Pirates media folk and FSN to pay as little attention as credibly possible), they still held true to form: fans who held up a bedsheet reading "WORST MLB OWNERS" on the left-field rotunda were ejected from the park when the Nuttings saw the sign.


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