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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

gearing up for the next war

The Pittsburgh TRIBUNE-REVIEW reports that Senator Santorum is now calling Iran, as the leader of "Islamic fascism," "the greatest enemy we will ever face. This is the enemy of our generation. It is the challenge of our time." I thought that was Bin Laden. Or Saddam. It's pretty clear that Santorum is trying to distract public attention away from the fiasco in Iraq (interestingly, just on the same day that Rumsfeld continues to insist that any questioning or criticism of his or Bush's handling of, well, anything is appeasement and borderline treasonous) by creating yet another enemy. I've gotta think that the third time won't be the charm, though--I'm not sure that any amount of saber-rattling is going to persuade Americans to get involved in ANOTHER war over there.


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