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Monday, January 09, 2006

Justice Sunday III

And yes, Santorum shall provide... Sharing a stage with luminaries of the creepy right like Jerry Falwell and James Dobson, Rick Santorum made an appearance at Justice Sunday III yesterday. Justice Sunday III, like its predecessor, was intended to rally support for the current Supreme Court nominee (this would've been Justice Sunday IV but they didn't throw Harriet Myers this particular party). It was held at a black church in Philadelphia. Santorum gave the red meat:

"[Our] freedom is at risk today because of the actions of liberal activists judges on the supreme court... Democrats on the judiciary committee seem poised to drag these hearings into the gutter so they can continue their far-left judicial activism on the supreme court."

Look, I know it's important to create an enemy for us to scream against. But seriously, "far-left" "liberal activist judges" on the Supreme Court? When was the last time one of THEM was seen? This is lamer than the War on Christmas.

The Post-Gazette ran an anti-Santorum editorial on Sunday--watered-down, but at least they're keeping track of his "flip-flopping."


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